Monday, May 27, 2013

                   THE END IS HERE!

With the end of the year coming closer then we think, just one more week till SUMMER TIME!
Two months of no school and having fun, trips and family time. We have been together for a whole school year and even if we want to leave, we really don't want to.

Just see how we bonded with each other and all the fun we had. We are only 38 students and 3 of the greatest teachers ever! :)

At the top of this page is a slide show of all the great times and projects we have done together.
"Pictures taken in the begin of the year, can be used at the end of the year," said Mrs.Chapa, our math teacher.

Another project we did was string art using parts of a circle. This project was one of the most fun projects we have done in math. After our lesson in parts of a circle, Mrs.Chapa, our fantastic math teacher bought us boards and we used sandpaper to smooth it out. Next we painted the board black as shown above, then we carefully marked where 294 nails would go using the radii and the circumference. After hammering the nails in place, we used the string in each if the seven areas of the circle and as seen by the example above, they all turned out beautiful.    

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